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League of Legends retires dominion mode

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League of Legends retires dominion mode

Riot Games will retire Dominion mode, one of the key features of Riot’s wildly popular MOBA game League of Legends.

In Dominion’s single map – the Crystal Scar, the gameplay is much faster than an average LOL game. Champions would begin their campaign at level 3 with an increased amount of gold loot.

It also focuses on a capture-and-hold style of play.

Citing low player ratings, Riot revealed that “less than 0.5% of players” actively playing in Dominion, and that they are also “a small population that bots.”

It was also clear that the company had lost much interest in the alternate mode years ago.

According to LOL’s official website, the Dominion gameplay mode that first made its debut more than four years ago was to be scrapped by February 22, and Riot would divert their efforts to balance champions in the traditional Summoner Rift’s map.

However, to honour loyal Dominion players, Riot would grant a unique summoner icon to any account with over 100 wins against real players before Dominion is to be officially scrapped.

The company also plans to keep any new and unique modes they are introducing to timed events in the future instead.

Bayern fans scuffle leads to arrests, leaves many injured

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Fans were made to wait before the game.

Impatient Bayern Munich fans allegedly left many injured, some seriously when they attempted to storm Schalke’s stadium on Saturday.

The scuffle, branded as an “extremely violent attack” by police took place as access to the stadium had been severely delayed because of body searches at the gates in the aftermath of last week’s attack on the Stade de France in Paris.

Fans had been advised to arrive earlier for the game because of the increased measures.

Gelsenkirchen police say in a statement “only a swift and consequent intervention by police forces prevented worse. Several dozen from this violent group of people are being held.”

Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge says the club distances itself “in every form from these so-called supporters of our club.”

Rummenigge adds “violence cannot and should not ever be tolerated. It’s absolutely inexplicable to me and to all of us how someone, especially now after the terrible events in Paris, can be so lacking in respect for society and football.”

Rummenigge also apologised to Schalke and the victims.

Bayern Munich defeated Schalke 3-1 during their visit on Sunday as they progressed unchallenged on top of the Bundesliga.

Supporters of second-division Bochum were also involved in the rioting, police said.

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