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ESL moves to Hamburg for next One event

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ESL is returning to Germany for another Dota 2 ESL One event albeit with a slight change of locale from Frankfurt to Hamburg.

The tournament, dubbed by ESL as “Europe’s biggest Dota 2 tournament”, will see eight teams fight for a $250,000 prize pool and will kick-start from October 28th to 29th. As is tradition, ESL will be holding a festival filled with attractions in conjunction with the event.

However, in the past three annual occasions where ESL organized their Dota 2 event in Germany, each were held in the Comerzbank Arena in Frankfurt. For this year, it will take place in the Barclaycard Arena at Hamburg instead. The stadium itself has 16,000 seats and was used to house Hamburg’s own handball and ice hockey teams.

It is possible that this will not exactly be welcome news for fans of ESL. While the organizers never truly managed to fill the stadium in Frankfurt to its full capacity of more than 50,000 seats, the smaller size of Barclaycard Arena could cause issues.

However, ESL officials are confident that the change would be a welcome one.

“We are confident in our new venue,” Ulrich Schultze, VP of pro gaming at ESL, said in a press release. “ESL One Hamburg will, once more, figure prominently among the world’s best Dota 2 competitions.”

Additional information on the attending teams and the tournament format will be released on a later date. Given that no team had won an ESL One Dota 2 event on more than one occasion as of its eighth installment, it may prove to be an unpredictable one.

Tickets for ESL One Hamburg will go on sale next week with three different packages: weekend, premium and the “Aegis Experience”, each boasting different rewards.

ESL to hold Dota 2 tournament in Manila

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Dota 2 tournament

For the first time, the Electronic Sports League (ESL) will be organizing a live Dota 2 tournament in Manila.

Boasting a $250,000 price pool, ESL One Manila worked alongside PLDT Fibr & Smart GameX to set up the one of the biggest eSports competitions in April next year.

This marks the first time that ESL is organizing the event in an Asian country; previous championship events were held exclusively at European and American countries.

Eight teams from all over the globe will feature in the tournament, competing in a single elimination format.

Two teams will get a direct invite based on their past performance while the other participants will be chosen from an online qualifier: one team each from China, Europe, the United States and the Philippines.

The two remaining teams will come from Southeast Asia.

According to Ulrich Schulze, Managing Director of Pro Gaming at ESL, the venue was not a difficult decision to make.

He believed that the Philippines were “a country and community that loves Dota 2”, and that the organizers are “honoured” to hold the event there in a “history making” event.

Since the event was announced on Tuesday, tickets were fast selling out.

Largest CSGO platform acquired by ESL

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ESEA is now acquired by ESL in a mutually beneficial partnership.

The Electronic Sports League has announced its acquisition of E-Sports Entertainment Association, a community leader in the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

ESL and ESEA recently collaborated in creating the ESL ESEA Pro League, the largest CS:GO league in the game’s history, currently in its second season. This partnership is sure to keep the momentum going.

This announcement comes on the heels of ESL’s recent studio expansion in Burbank, California.

Co-Founder of ESL Jens Hilgers is confident these actions will continue the company’s domination, allowing the ESL to “[drive] the charge in regards to integrity in eSports as the industry continues to grow and expand in complexity.”

ESEA’s current team will continue to manage operations, and neither the ESEA brand or community will be affected by this news.

Both ESEA and ESL hold high standards for integrity—ESEA being a leading force in anti-cheating technology in CS:GO, and ESL’s denouncement of performance enhancement drugs.

OG emerge victorious at Frankfurt Major

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Team OG defeats Secret 3-1 to clinch the Frankfurt Major title.

It was a surprising result as OG defeated Secret 3-1 to win the Frankfurt Major Title.

Europe’s two best teams proved to be the most aggressive squads in Dota and there were fireworks immediately as the game started.

It was not into their fourth game while leading 2-1 that OG received much relief in what was a dream draft, getting a lot of comfort heroes that added some team-fight potential and a way to mitigate some of the things Secret were bringing to the table.

In what was one of the larger tournaments of this year, many doubted OG’s chances after the newly formed team was sent to the lower bracket of their first major tournament by Vega Squadron.

Rising from the grave, the team had went through a seemingly impossible road starting in the Lower Bracket and going through all the way to the Grand Finals.

On their way to victory they took down Fnatic, Mineski, Virtus Pro, CDEC Gaming, EHOME and Evil Geniuses.

This first major title will put OG at least on rank 18 in the December World Ranking, but they can improve a lot with a good performance at the ASUS ROG Dreamleague next weekend.