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ESL moves to Hamburg for next One event

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ESL is returning to Germany for another Dota 2 ESL One event albeit with a slight change of locale from Frankfurt to Hamburg.

The tournament, dubbed by ESL as “Europe’s biggest Dota 2 tournament”, will see eight teams fight for a $250,000 prize pool and will kick-start from October 28th to 29th. As is tradition, ESL will be holding a festival filled with attractions in conjunction with the event.

However, in the past three annual occasions where ESL organized their Dota 2 event in Germany, each were held in the Comerzbank Arena in Frankfurt. For this year, it will take place in the Barclaycard Arena at Hamburg instead. The stadium itself has 16,000 seats and was used to house Hamburg’s own handball and ice hockey teams.

It is possible that this will not exactly be welcome news for fans of ESL. While the organizers never truly managed to fill the stadium in Frankfurt to its full capacity of more than 50,000 seats, the smaller size of Barclaycard Arena could cause issues.

However, ESL officials are confident that the change would be a welcome one.

“We are confident in our new venue,” Ulrich Schultze, VP of pro gaming at ESL, said in a press release. “ESL One Hamburg will, once more, figure prominently among the world’s best Dota 2 competitions.”

Additional information on the attending teams and the tournament format will be released on a later date. Given that no team had won an ESL One Dota 2 event on more than one occasion as of its eighth installment, it may prove to be an unpredictable one.

Tickets for ESL One Hamburg will go on sale next week with three different packages: weekend, premium and the “Aegis Experience”, each boasting different rewards.

Dota 2 star Zai returns into the game after one-year hiatus

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Dota 2 star Zai returns into the game after one-year hiatus

Prodigious Dota 2 player Ludwig “zai” Wahlberg has signed on with Romania-based Kaipi as a support player, a year after staying on the sidelines.

One of the most lauded players in Dota 2, zai’s latest competitive appearance was in TI5 last year. The 18-year-old Swede then surprised everyone by choosing to complete his studies last fall, rather than to focus on of eSports’ more major disciplines.

Zai had stormed the Dota 2 scene in recent years – his support role in Evil Geniuses already earned him universal acclaim since 2014. His playmaking is consistent and is always capable of pushing every hero’s farming ability to the max.

He then joined Team Secret in the next year, where he played in his preferred offlane role and contributed heavily to the team’s dominating tournament spree in the summer of 2015.

Although his 8-month period with the team had been nothing short of being utterly successful, he revealed that he will go on hiatus in an interview with DotaBlast last June.

At present, Zai will play support for Kaipi, replacing “Masakary” Nechifor on the roster and compete alongside former Cloud9-duo Pittner “bOne7” Armand and WehSing “SingSing” Yuen.

“After a successful TI5 open qualifier run, disappointing regional qualifier request, and failing to reach the main qualifiers for Starladder and The Summit, we decided it was time for a change,” Joe Eastham, team manager of Kaipi had explained.

“Masakary was the player to make way and we thank him for all his help,” he added. “Bone7 had been speaking to Zai for a few weeks and he decided to join us on Monday evening to join us on our quest to win TI6!”

Indeed, Kaipi will likely be among the teams that would compete in the upcoming International qualifiers. Everyone will not pull their punches as the tournament’s prize pool steadily increases despite having just breached the $7 million mark.

League of Legends tops digital sales, rakes in $1.6 million

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League of Legends tops digital sales, rakes in $1.6 million

According to a digital games report by market research firm SuperData Research, MOBA game League of Legends had the highest sales record of 2015, taking in $1.6 billion in 2015 amidst competition from Valve titles such as Dota 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Over the last few years, sales of digital games and eSports events had been breaking records perpetually and setting higher benchmarks everywhere, and League of Legends is no exception.

League also dominated in the MOBA genre, earning Riot Games and its majority stakeholder Tencent around seven times more revenue than Valve from Dota 2, which brought in $238 million in 2015.

Valve also raked in $221 million from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Activision Blizzard earned $814 million from World of Warcraft despite decrease in number of subscriber, $355 million from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and $224 million from Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

The numbers would make League appear much more impressive when one takes into consideration that it is a free-to-play game.

Their profits solely comes from in-game purchases, with champions, skins, and portraits available their online stores with either Influence Points earned from playing games, or Riot Points purchased with real money.

In January 2014, developer Riot Games said that more than 27 million people played League daily, and the growing popularity may be a sign that this number has since risen, with numerous competitive eSports events and tournaments held in its honour.

Huge changes is coming with latest Dota 2 patch

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Doom, Riki, Faceless Void, Death Prophet and Lone Druid will be reworked in the latest patch.

Doom, Riki, Faceless Void, Death Prophet and Lone Druid will be reworked in the latest patch.

Dota 2 had released patch notes for 6.86, and the contents appear to substantiate earlier claims that it would “change the history” of Dota 2.

As with other patches, heroes are the main focus of rework since it is already named as a “Balance of Power” update.

Doom, Riki, Faceless Void, Death Prophet and Lone Druid will be removed from Captain’s Mode due to their ability reworks. However, Earth Spirit, Oracle and Terrorblade has been added to Captain’s Mode.

A new Dota hero will be introduced – Zet the Arc Warden, able to use slow, evasion and doubles. And Zeus will get a new item called Arcana along with a chariot.

In addition, the patch comes with a new wasteland map configuration, aptly called the Desert Terrain, which opens up new maps like the Desert Colosseum. It is a nifty backdrop along with the Ultra Shadow Quality video option.

The patch also comes with optimizations to the Dota 2 Reborn client. This will feature new platforms for player tracking, a convenience for everyone from eSports analysts to new players.