Team Liquid victory at The Defense Season 5

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Team OG went in to finals of The Defense Season 5 looking strong, but stop short of winning after Team Liquid defeated them by 3-1.

OG appeared to be the more formidable team before the fixture, having just won the Frankfurt Major and DreamLeague Season 4.

However, things went Team Liquid’s way when FATA- was given his signature Razor and a Kuroky support Silencer helped the team dominate.

OG got a weak total of three kills in the stomp to start.

But typical OG magic evened things out in Game 2 as the team got a laundry list of their comfort heroes — Miracle- got Shadow Fiend, N0tail got Phantom Lancer, Cr1t got Rubick and Fly secured Bane.

The OG cores went to town and Team Liquid dropped their only game of the series.

However, as OG made the exact same picks in Game 3 Team Liquid went creative.

Team Liquid got creative, picking up Legion Commander for FATA- as well as a Tiny/Io combo.

MATUMBAMAN’s Tiny did typical Tiny things and went 12/1/11, becoming an unstoppable force in the game.

MATUMBAMAN was the star of the show again in Game 4, using Ursa to destroy any hopes for a third consecutive championship. His phenomenal Abyssal Blade timing essentially mopped the floor with OG, at the score of 28/3/9.

OG’s consolation was that their pain barely lasted over 39 minutes.

Team Secret tops Dota 2 Rankings

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Team Secret has now exceeded Evil Geniuses (EG) in both strength and success.

After holding the pole position for a few months and winning TI-5, EG had been struggling which in turn allowed Team Secret to climb to the top albeit by a small margin.

Under a new formula, each team will have statistics of their five best member counted as the “strength” of the team.

This helps a team even if their strongest members were not necessarily playing together in tournaments and differs from World rankings in which team success was emphasized.

As such, OG manages to climb up to rank 7, slightly ahead of Team Liquid and perhaps give Team Secret a slight run for their money.

Meanwhile, TI-4 champion had fallen behind to rank 19, while things were worse for long-time superb team Natus Vincere.

With only two players left, the Ukrainian team had drop in strength scoring. This month they even fell behind newly signed Stark Esports to rank 32.

Team SoloMid drops entire CS GO team

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Team SoloMid (TSM) announced a split with their entire CSGO team in their latest update.

TSM ventured into Counter-Strike in January by signing dignitas’ players and enjoyed a great run as the team won several international tournaments.

Their trophies now include two editions of the FACEIT League, the CCS Kick-off Season, Fragbite Masters Season 4 and PGL Season 1.

The team members stated on the TSM official website that “our long term visions did not align, and we believed that it was the best for both parties to part.”

It was also suggested that the relationship between TSM and the players had broken down in recent weeks, especially following the dismissal of team manager Frederik Byskov.

After DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca, Byskov, who continued to represent the players as an agent, revealed that talks were in place with several interested organisations.

This added fuel to rumours that the players would not extend their contracts with the North American club.

Meanwhile, TSM cited in their statement that it was “large issues with accessibility” that made both sides mutually agree on expiring their contracts.

Andy “Reginald” Dinh, team owner of TSM said that it was a “wonderful pleasure” to work with the CSGO team, and “a great shame to see them go”.

The CSGO team members too expressed their gratitude for their time with TSM and expresses hopes in encountering TSM’s new CSGO roster.

Lazio issues press release regarding player’s finger

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Senad Lulic had a finger cut off during training.

Lazio revealed details of the horrific injury Senad Lulic sustained, as he underwent surgery to reconstruct one of his fingers.

The Serie A club revealed that the player “suffered the traumatic sub-amputation of the distal phalanx and fracture of the fourth finger, plus fracture of the intermediary phalanx of the third finger.”

In a nutshell, the top of his ring-finger was chopped-off.

It is still not clear how the incident occurred, but he was rushed to a clinic following an accident in the gym during training session.

This was surely a bizarre case of professional sportsman injury, all the more since footballers are only prone to injury from the waist-down.

Lulic went into the Mater Dei clinic and underwent surgery to reconstruct his finger.

The player will remain in the clinic for two to three days in order to monitor the situation.

His availability is doubtful with such a traumatic injury that would normally assume rest until after Christmas.