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Wings Gaming overpowers Liquid to win ESL One Manila

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Wings Gaming overpowers Liquid to win ESL One Manila

Wings Gaming put together one of the most dominating performances in a Dota 2 tournament final to demolish Team Liquid with a 3-0 clean sweep to claim their first trophy.

The Chinese team had yet to claim the top honours of any tournament since they built their current roster following the TI5 reshuffle. But they constantly proved to possess great team chemistry with pushing and early-game aggression specialties; and their sticking together eventually paid off.

Nevertheless they began their Manila as the underdogs, playing curious heroes lineups in low-key matches throughout the bracket. None would have pegged them, even up to their semi-final face-off against world number two, Fnatic.

Routed in the first set, Wings Gaming then went ahead with comfort picks and played unpredictably, taking down more than a handful of giants and claimed snowball victories in the face of sure defeat.

Their final game against Team Liquid only sealed the notion further that the win against Fnatic was no fluke.

It was necessary to highlight that the team has done well to start with heroes that matches up to Zhou “bLink” Yang and his Invoker as well as taking a hero that focused on vision. Ultimately, it was their unpredictability that made them unstoppable.

bLink’s Invoker and Li “iceice” Peng had made excellent rotations to put on shining performances that won Wings the game. They constantly dismantled Liquid team by lone pick-offs, trade from Peng’s Earthshaker as well as Invoker’s typical yet ridiculous disruption in team fights and initiation.

Though it did not go well from them in Manila, fans of Team Liquid can still be hopeful for their team this season; they had been consistent throughout the tournament with fast early-game rotations and decisiveness. It is just a shame that it had not worked out well, as they called GG against Wings.

Team Secret lifts Dota 2 Shanghai Major trophy

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Team Secret lifts Dota 2 Shanghai Major trophy

It was European dominance in another major eSports tournament as Team Secret defeated Team Liquid 3-1 in their first Dota 2 major win, highlighting the team’s dominance in professional Dota 2 circuits since half a year ago.

Starting relatively slow, Team Secret managed to take little bites into Liquid’s game as Secret captain Clement “Puppey” Ivanov playing a key role in the pick/ban stage. Before 20 minutes they were 6-0 up, and finished by 24-9 with a Tidehunter available for their brawls.

In the second game Liquid immediately equalized with a blitz comeback, already coming 5-1 at 11 minutes and making it a matter of attrition. But they made a mistake by trying a Tiny/Io combo in game 3, which allowed Secret to go agro early on.

Then, Liquid extended their picking problems to the fourth game by choosing a similar comp as the first game. it would be another exhibition of the problems they had then, as Secret prevented the carrying Chronosphere from multi-hero kills. A disappointing end to what could have been a better final.

Since their surprise loss to OG in Frankfurt, there were doubts about Secret’s performance after the team reformed in August after the International 5.

Those fears would be placed to rest in China, as they took down teams the likes of Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid, twice for the case of the latter. What is more, their sweet reprisal against OG would lampshade fears as they came second in their group to a surprising MVP Phoenix team.

They started relatively as a relatively humble team, too. Evil Geniuses were the team to beat after a streak of finals appearances while Chinese based EHOME dominated the local arena since the end of last year. Secret were far from being anyone’s favourites.

It was an all-European final as both teams fought well in a tournament marred by delays and scandals, including the dismissal of a commentator virtually mid-broadcast as well as a missing keyboard. Tournament sponsors Valve had since apologized on the Dota 2 official blog.

Every Chinese Team eliminated from Dota 2 Shanghai Major

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Every Chinese Team eliminated from Dota 2 Shanghai Major

It was not a pretty sight for the locals as every Chinese Dota 2 squad were eliminated from the Shanghai Major tournament.

Newbee, champions of The International 4 were the last of them to fall down to the lower bracket, after fellow teams LGD Gaming and tournament favourites EHOME were taken down in their respective matches.

EHOME, who six weeks ago had just a $275,000 prize-pool by downing The International 5 Champions Evil Geniuses 3-0 in the MarsTV Finals grand final. They were the heavy favourites in the tournament, but fell short against an Alliance team who showed them some Swedish patience in holding on against the odds.

LGD Gaming had made it through the tournament and into the upper bracket after the group stages, but was forced out by a full-Korean MVP Phoenix team in one of the tournament’s biggest upsets yet.

Meanwhile, Fnatic were victorious against Newbee as they were kicked out from the tournament unceremoniously in a 29-minute match.

Anyone would have expected every Chinese teams in this Valve Major to do better especially after losing to Western teams in every major event in 2015. With 30 percent of all tournament simulations placing them as the teams to come out on top of the game, their elimination were a shock to every pundit.

Huge changes is coming with latest Dota 2 patch

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Doom, Riki, Faceless Void, Death Prophet and Lone Druid will be reworked in the latest patch.

Doom, Riki, Faceless Void, Death Prophet and Lone Druid will be reworked in the latest patch.

Dota 2 had released patch notes for 6.86, and the contents appear to substantiate earlier claims that it would “change the history” of Dota 2.

As with other patches, heroes are the main focus of rework since it is already named as a “Balance of Power” update.

Doom, Riki, Faceless Void, Death Prophet and Lone Druid will be removed from Captain’s Mode due to their ability reworks. However, Earth Spirit, Oracle and Terrorblade has been added to Captain’s Mode.

A new Dota hero will be introduced – Zet the Arc Warden, able to use slow, evasion and doubles. And Zeus will get a new item called Arcana along with a chariot.

In addition, the patch comes with a new wasteland map configuration, aptly called the Desert Terrain, which opens up new maps like the Desert Colosseum. It is a nifty backdrop along with the Ultra Shadow Quality video option.

The patch also comes with optimizations to the Dota 2 Reborn client. This will feature new platforms for player tracking, a convenience for everyone from eSports analysts to new players.