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ESL moves to Hamburg for next One event

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ESL is returning to Germany for another Dota 2 ESL One event albeit with a slight change of locale from Frankfurt to Hamburg.

The tournament, dubbed by ESL as “Europe’s biggest Dota 2 tournament”, will see eight teams fight for a $250,000 prize pool and will kick-start from October 28th to 29th. As is tradition, ESL will be holding a festival filled with attractions in conjunction with the event.

However, in the past three annual occasions where ESL organized their Dota 2 event in Germany, each were held in the Comerzbank Arena in Frankfurt. For this year, it will take place in the Barclaycard Arena at Hamburg instead. The stadium itself has 16,000 seats and was used to house Hamburg’s own handball and ice hockey teams.

It is possible that this will not exactly be welcome news for fans of ESL. While the organizers never truly managed to fill the stadium in Frankfurt to its full capacity of more than 50,000 seats, the smaller size of Barclaycard Arena could cause issues.

However, ESL officials are confident that the change would be a welcome one.

“We are confident in our new venue,” Ulrich Schultze, VP of pro gaming at ESL, said in a press release. “ESL One Hamburg will, once more, figure prominently among the world’s best Dota 2 competitions.”

Additional information on the attending teams and the tournament format will be released on a later date. Given that no team had won an ESL One Dota 2 event on more than one occasion as of its eighth installment, it may prove to be an unpredictable one.

Tickets for ESL One Hamburg will go on sale next week with three different packages: weekend, premium and the “Aegis Experience”, each boasting different rewards.

VP dominates against OG to win Summit 6

Published by: are The Summit 6 champions following their dominating 3-0 sweep of OG in the Grand Finals of the tournament.

VP and OG had previously met in The Summit 6’s Winners’ Finals, where VP triumphed 2-1. OG then took down Evil Geniuses for another crack at the CIS champions, but they didn’t fare much better in their second attempt.

None of the games were particularly even, with VP finishing Game 2 and 3 in under 30 minutes. Minenko “No[o]ne” Vladmir’s Ember Spirit was the star of Game 3 with a 15/1/18 scoreline.

VP, who qualified for The Summit 6 through the European qualifiers, will take home $45,000 for their victory.

They have been on a strong streak in Europe recently, taking first place in the ESL Genting qualifier, second place in the European qualifier for The Boston Major and first place in the Dota Pit League Season 5 CIS Qualifier.


Last year, Virtus Pro wasthe subject of great scrutiny after they admitted to a rule violation in the grand finals of the Summit 5 qualifiers against Ad Finem.

Tainted with the incident, the former VP squad then went to ESL One Frankfurt 2016 where they placed last and then team disbanded. The new roster however, has went a long way to rebuild their reputation.

As hype for the coming Boston Major continually grows with the end of summit 6, and only the tournament will tell if VP can continue their success they had here at the Summit.

It could also prove fascinating to see how strategies change from now and the Major, as teams rewatch the replays from this tournament, and adjust their picks, bans and lanes accordingly.


Fnatic takes TI6 spot, Execration aims for Wild Card win

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Mushi and co. will be heading to Seattle after making their way through the qualifiers.

Fnatic and Execration emerges as the curtains closes over the South East Asia qualifiers for The International 6.

The majorly-Malaysian team grabbed the second spot to the main event after TNC Gaming clinched the first with an impressive 7-2 run.

However, Fnatic proved more than capable to thunder through the best of three double elimination playoffs. They scored easy victories against White Fries Gaming and WarriorsGaming.Unity to advance into the grand finals where they encounter Philippines team Execration.

In their first game, Fnatic went with a heavy push roster, with Djardel ‘DJ’ Mampusti picking Enigma alongside Chong Xin ‘Ohaiyo’ Khoo’s Batraider. XTCN claimed Ember Spirit and Death Prophet for split push, but Fnatic started well by winning all three lanes early with Enigma reaching third on net worths.

Fnatic then merely galvanized against every Execration tower objective, and minimized the hurt from Ralph ‘’ Penano’s Tidehunter’ ravage to diminish any Execration team fight hopes. It was a painful 35 minutes for Execration that was all but sealed after Fnatic took down two T3 towers at the same time.

In game two, Fnatic were able to dominate again with Tinker at mid and Ohaiyo’s Faceless Void engaging team fights. Gaining early objectives with conceding kills allows them to make the first high ground push in 15 minutes, and by 20 minutes they were able to close the game with a heavily skewed 27-9 kill score.

But as is tradition, Chai ‘Mushi’ Yee Fung experimented, playing game 3 with a questionable Morphling. His not joining in early skirmishes and not helping in early pushes allows Execration’s split push strategy to pay off this time.

Placing Tidehunter up front to force team fights up front allowed Abed ‘Abed’ Yosup’s Naga to farm for boots of travel and radiance. With her core items readied before 20 minutes, the team went for a high ground push, catching Fnatic unawares. Then, Ohaiyo’s wasted Chronosphere on Naga illusions were enough for the pinoys to win mega creeps and drag the series into game four.

Fnatic outdrafted their opponents during picking with a Timbersaw and a Broodmother in game four, but the other team was able to hold off Ohaiyo’s Brood at mid with Sven early on.

However, as soon as Yeik Zheng ‘MidOne’ Nai’s Blink Dagger and Bloodstone formed on his Timber, Fnatic were able to hunt pick-offs persistently, creating chaos in lanes while Brood pushes tower after tower. 20 minutes in and Timber is already big enough for fountain dives as XTCN’s base gets decimated.

Fnatic’s victory gets them a ticket to TI6 but it does not diminish the fact that XTCN had achieved their best, winning a chance to make it into the $14 million prize pool event via Wild Card competition.

Team Secret the first to book The International 6 spot

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Team Secret the first to book The International 6 spot

Team Secret claims victory in the European Regional Qualifiers group stage at the end of a three way tiebreaker and are the first team from the region to qualify to The International 6.

Secret went through to this year’s Dota 2 main event after winning a tiebreaker against Escape Gaming and Fantastic Five. All three teams were tied with six points after their best of one round robin group stage.

They started by going hard against Escape, engaging in heavy team fights and pushes. Using Death Prophet’s Exorcism as soon as it came online, they took early tier one towers and claimed map control.

Still, Escape made it hard for them with high ground defense, and pushed against high ground only when they had Aegis advantage.

The game was even up until 48 minutes, with Escape depending heavily on Timbersaw for barracks defense. It was then that a five man smoke saw Artour ‘Arteezy” Baebaevwas catch a four man Chronosphere into Vacuum-Wall followed by Winter Curse. The inevitable team wipe followed, and Argeezy won perhaps the most vital fight for his team.

Up next against Fantastic Five’s early gank draft, Secret picked up a strong team fight hero roster.

With Night Stalker, F5 flourished with the first night time rotation alongside Earth Spirit and Morphling. The latter quickly earned a Linken’s sphere and forced fights repeatedly, allowing him to lead in economics. However, they failed to hunt down Arteezy’s Templar Assassin in all of their skirmishes, and that allowed Secret room to breathe as his core items gradually built up.

Then, two crucial kills on Morphling at 40 minutes allowed Secret team fight advantage, and subsequently mega creeps with one push. Though there were hiccups, they managed to hold F5 off and complete their journey to TI6.

Meanwhile, Escape and F5 will still be able to qualify in the qualifier playoffs that kick off today. There, second to fifth-placed teams in group stages will play a double elimination bracket. The winner will secure a spot in TI6, while the runner up will compete for a Wild Card slot.