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NiP player Pyth absent for first day of MLG Columbus

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NiP player Pyth absent for first day of MLG Columbus

Their campaign for the MLG Columbus major has yet to start, but Ninja in Pyjamas has already been hit with a major problem: they could not field Jacob “Pyth” Mourujärvi on the first day.

Fans had predicted the possibility of NiP playing with just four starters in their first game. Contrary to their beliefs, current NiP coach Björn “Threat” Pers has stood in for Pyth in the first game of the tournament against Flipsid3.

NiP went on to win the best of 1 series by 19-17.

However, MLG had made it an inviolable ruling that all teams are not allowed to make changes to their starting roster as the tournament begins, which significantly hampers the chances for Pyth to play in the Columbus.

It was something of a recurring issue, as North American player Alex “LeX” Daily had alleged that Pyth deliberately provide false responses when trying to enter the U.S. to play for Winterfox last year.

LeX suggested that Pyth didn’t want to continue playing for the North American side, and so purposely failed his interview to enter the country.

Pyth has denied these allegations, although NiP founder Emil “Heaton” Christensen mentioned in a tweet that the problem arose because it was an issues recurring since the last time Pyth tried to enter the U.S. The tweet has since been deleted.

Pyth is due to arrive on the second day after clearing a number of issues with United States immigration. Still, he will be subject to clearance from Valve and MLG to play out the rest of the tournament.

As such, NiP must now wait on an official decision from Valve and MLG as to whether they can replace Threat after the first game. Either way, it’s a blow to the team’s chances, and unfortunately comes at a time where the stakes couldn’t be any higher.


Flipside3 Tactics (33%) vs mouseports (67%)

FaZE (83%) vs Splyce (17%)

NiP (17%) vs LG (70%)

Fnatic (89%) vs Liquid (11%)

MLG CSGO major tickets sold out

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MLG CSGO major tickets sold out

Tickets to Major League Gaming’s Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournament in Ohio were sold out, and nothing less was expected for one of the biggest gaming events of the year.

MLG’s live event chief Adam Apicella made the announcement on Twitter. He later added that the organizers may try to expand the capacity in the Nationwide Arena, but additional tickets were unlikely.

MLG and Apicella have drawn praise from the community for the quality of their public-facing communication and transparency on plans for the major. MLG had even requested those who were attending the event to send RSVPs to their Facebook page as a show of support.

The tournament, a first North American Valve sponsored major saw more North American teams qualifying for the tournament than in any other major events.

Offering a glittering reward amounting to $1,000,000, spectators will be treated to a feast for the eyes as they witness 16 of the best CS: GO teams duke it out to earn a place as the best in the global CS: GO Arena.

Cloud9, Team Liquid, Splyce, Counter Logic Gaming, G2 Esports, Mousesports, Gambit Gaming and Flipsid3 Tactics booked their places at the major through qualifiers.

They will join the top eight from the last Counter-Strike majors, DreamHack Cluj—Team EnVyUs, Fnatic, FaZe, Na`Vi, Ninjas in Pyjamas,, Astralis and Luminosity Gaming. These teams had received direct invitations to Columbus

Kenneth ‘koosta’ Suen to join Team Liquid

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Kenneth 'koosta' Suen to join Team Liquid

Team Liquid is looking forward to add 19-year-old Enemy player Kenneth ‘koosta’ Suen to their CS:GO roster.

Suen had been playing for quite some time with Enemy, and his stellar performance has not been missed by several bigger teams – which he had declined offers for transfer out of loyalty to his team.

He was also the recent star in the MLG Americas Minor Championship, finishing the event with an outstanding 2-to-1 kill/death ratio and plus-37 performance. In the final against Splyce he earned more than 60 kills, including an “unstoppable” ACE/1v3 clutch play with nine health.

Now, it appears that Team Liquid would be able to move the New York-based CS:GO star.

NME Coach provided the following statement regarding Suen’s departure:

“As much as it pains me to see Kenny go, it also gives me a great bit of pride– to see how he’s grown as a person and as a player these past several years, and knowing the opportunity he has in front of him now. I always told him I’d support him making the best decision for himself– as when we had a similar situation, I made it clear that “Kenny, I’m a fan of Enemy, but I’m a bigger fan of you”. That time has now come, and I’ll be rooting for him so long as we’re not the team on the other side of the map.”

It appears that Team Liquid is opting for the move after several abysmal performances despite a starting line-up that many considered to be able to compete on both the regional and global arena.

Valve balances R8 revolver after complaints

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Pictured: nerfed OP gun

Pictured: nerfed OP gun

Valve has reduced the strength of the newly introduced R8 revolver following a multitude of complaints.

The company acknowledges the legion of CS:GO users who had things to say following the introduction of the weapon during a recent patch.

“While it typically takes more time to generate enough data to drive an update (and gameplay updates are always a bit disruptive), in this case it’s clear that we got the damage wrong and can respond immediately,” the CS:GO blog reads.

Valves agrees with the idea that that a one-shot pistol with pinpoint accuracy is silly.

When it was introduced the new weapon was likened to a mini, and a much cheaper, AWP.

It was accurate on the move and could cause significant amounts of damage, much higher than the AWP in some cases.

A longer trigger pull was supposed to offset the powerful damage, but that wasn’t the case in reality.

Matches became frustrating, and the glitches made it worse.

Some players were able to purchase the revolver for only $700, fire it before the match even started and could even begin to pull the trigger, and use the alternate quick-fire button for an accurate shot

The R8’s damage has now been reduced to 86 from 115 and it takes a touch longer to fire at 0.4 seconds. The weapon spread has also been widened.