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Luminosity Gaming wins yet another major CS:GO trophy

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Luminosity Gaming wins yet another major

Luminosity Gaming appears to be taking over Fnatic’s dominance over the Counter Strike: Global Offensive scene, as the Brazilians defeated France’s G2 eSports by 3-2 in a hotly contested grand finale at the ESL Pro League Season 3.

There were already signs of a dogfight even in the map pick session as both teams sought to remove maps they are uncomfortable with: de_cache vetoed off by Luminosity, while G2 cut out de_mirage.

With both teams comfortable with the maps they will play in, the best of 5 began and the match kicked off in the O2 Arena, London with a bang.

Luminosity had only lost once this year on this map, but this time G2 started with a 3-1 lead up until Luminosity stabilized their economy. LG then managed a five round streak, but Richard “shox” Papillon showed signs of his old-time “god form” as he racked up 30 kills in 26 rounds of play, earning his team the score of 16-10.

But the Brazillians rallied back to 7-1 in the next map, de_train. Even with dil “ScreaM” Benrlitom got a couple of rounds for G2 thanks to his impeccable play, the overall score was still 11-4 in favor of LG. It turned into a brawl as G2 tried to retake control of the game after the break; in the end, the Brazilians prevailed with a 16-13 scoreline. 1-1.

Both teams got toe-to-toe on the third map, de_cobblestone. It went 8-7 to LG before the break, but G2 came back to make it 10-8 before Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo rallied to make it 10-10. And then, seemingly gaining momentum out of nowhere G2 took the next six rounds without a reply from LG. 2-1.

Fortune seemed to begin to favour G2 as they took a healthy 9-6 lead in the third map in de_dust 2, with ScreaM getting a one-tap screamer. Luminosity, livid, rallied after the break, locking down bomb sites, pushing while holding on to a healthy economy. Shox’s insane 1v4 clutch did not even seem to face them as they pushed the French team back to win the set 16-11.

2-2, and both teams get into the crucial final around in de_inferno.

The Brazillians kept it together even as G2 hit match-point at 15-14, and won all three rounds and set themselves up to only need one round of three on T side.

Luminosity’s first round looked very promising putting themselves into a four versus one against shox. Unexpectedly, Shox went aggressive, going for another clutch again on FalleN and finished off the other three lit players and kept his team alive.

But that seems to exhaust all the magic G2 can conjure, and Luminosity won the next round and the ESL Pro League Season Three Finals proving once against that right now, they are the best team in the world.

And with that, Luminosity Gaming wins $200,000 in prize money for getting their first-ever ESL CS:GO Pro League title, while G2 earn $90,000 for being runners-up. This was also Luminosity Gaming’s third triumph this year after victories at Dreamhack Austin and MLG Columbus.

Tempo Storm wins first international Counter-Strike event

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Tempo Storm wins first international Counter-Strike event

Brazil’s Tempo Storm preserved a brilliant start to their 2016 season as the team won their first international Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournament after they defeated SK Gaming by 2-1 in the CEVO Gfinity Season 9 final.

Making a break for it early at de_Cache, Tempo took the lead and pummeled SK Gaming with speed and dominance. It was 14:1 before the break and after that they merely needed to hold on to close the set at 16:5.

The second set was more even in de_Dust2, as both teams mirrored each other’s to get 7:8 at both halves, and pushed the game into overtime. Tempo then shook off their doubts to take it 4:2 in overtime.

SK Gaming then started the third set with their map pick of de_Mirage, taking the terrorist side to pull ahead by a score of 9:6 in the first half, giving Tempo Storm a run for their money. After that, they continue their momentum for a 7:3 second-half win and took the game to rubber.

If anything, it seemed to embolden Tempo. The Brazillians immediately blitzed to 13:2 in the final set and appeared intent on proving who the better Terrorists team was. Like in the first set, the Danish team was completely thrown off-balance, but managed to hold on to rally a bit before Tempo sealed the deal at 16:8.

This was twice that Tempo defeated SK gaming in the same tournament, after the team defeated SK and Team Dignitas 2-0 and 2-1 respectively and advancing to a semifinal clash against one of the other tournament favorites, Virtus Pro.

Along the way to the final, Tempo had a five map thriller against Virtus Pro, while SK dismantled Hellraisers by 3-0.

But it was also not unfortunate for Tempo that the lineup of teams appear lacking.

Big timers such as Fnatic, Luminosity Gaming and Natus Vincere – the latter of which withdrew from the tournament – were glaringly absent. Still, it does not discount the effort in which Tempo displayed to overcome Virtus Pro and SK Gaming.

ESL One Cologne: the next million-dollar Valve Major

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ESL One Cologne the next million-dollar Valve Major

Valve announced that ESL One will return to Cologne, as the world’s largest standalone Counter-Strike event was named as the next official Valve Major for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The international eSports event will be held at the LANXESS Arena will boast a prize pool of a million dollars. It also marks the fifth Major for ESL out of Valve’s total of nine.

Teams that participated but did not make it to the quarter-finals at the Columbus Major will compete in June to qualify for the tournament. They will also play against top-teams of the Regional Minor Championships in the Asian, European, North American and CIS regions.

But with only eight “challenger” slots available, only eight teams will break out and advance to the group stages of ESL Cologne.

The tournament will kick off on the 5th to the 7th of July with the group stages, as the challenger teams face-off against eight “Legends” who received direct invites to the tournament.

“Last year’s ESL One Cologne was one for the history books. – We delivered by far the world’s biggest and most-watched Counter-Strike event of all time, but more than anything I am proud to say that we delivered a fantastic event in of itself,” said Ulrich Schulze, VP Pro Gaming at ESL.

“There are always things we can improve on, and we’re looking to take key learnings from last year to raise the bar even further in 2016 for what will hopefully be a truly legendary experience, both online and off.”

Spectators attending the event will be able to collect signatures from their favorite players, browse showcases with replica life-size weapon skins from CS:GO and get together with other CS:GO fans at the ESL One Camp.

The competition will also be streamed online through ESL’s various streaming partners, as well as in-game through GOTV. Behind-the-scenes footage of players and personalities will once again be made available thanks to dedicated filming crews, this time in higher volume.

Tickets for the event are available now, and the pricing will range from 41 to 301 Euros, with special lounges available for 2999Euros.

NiP progresses to Columbus Major quarter-finals

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NiP progresses to Columbus Major quarter-finals

Ninja in Pyjamas – a team with a coach as a starting player – had just secured their place in the quarter-finals of MLG Columbus.

The Swedish team had yet to begin their campaign in the tournament when they lost Jacob “Pyth” Mourujärvi to immigration problems. Current coach Björn “Threat” Pers then had to stand in for Pyth since the first game of the tournament against Flipsid3.

Despite winning against Flipsid3, the team fell to defeat against Brazilian team and tournament fan favourites Luminosity Gaming in the Group A upper bracket. Hence, their final group game against German-based Mousesports was a do-or-die.

But with their final 2-1 victory in the group stages against Mousesports, the team had ensured that they can move on to the knockout stages, and retain their “legend” status— thus ensuring their spot in the next official Valve major.

In the first map, Cobblestone, NiP strolled to an early lead only to have Mousesports rally and take the second map, Cache. But in the moment of truth, it was none other than Threat who stood up and essentially carried the team.

All long, Threat had also been the target in all previous games of the tournament—teams would try to single him out and exploit his lack of technical ability—however on Overpass he managed to put up 20 kills. That’s one more kill than Chris “ChrisJ” De Jong and Johannes “Nex” Maget combined.

Next up, the team will be facing Natus Vincere in the Nationwide Arena. While NiP are not the odds on favourites there, Na’Vi will also have an uphill battle ahead, for there is a good chance he who wins, faces Fnatic.

MLG Quarter-Final Odds

Na’Vi (81%) vs NiP (19%)

Astralis (27%) vs Fnatic (73%)

Liquid (75%) vs CLG (25%)

LG (73%) vs VP (27%)