Mohamed Salah could get better before end of season — Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp believes that Mohamed Salah still has more to offer the team this season.

Salah, 25, scored 36 goals for Liverpool in all competitions this season, including four goals against Watford on Saturday as he leads the Premier League top scorer rankings with 28.

However, Jurgen Klopp still demands further improvement despite also admit that Salah’s talents as a striker are proving as revelatory to Klopp as to the man himself.

“He [Salah] played more on the wing for Roma, where he had a very dominant striker in Edin Dzeko,” Klopp said. “Nobody could know [that he could play as a striker]. We learned it step by step. We didn’t know exactly that he’s capable of playing in the centre.”

“But we will not treat him like: ‘You don’t have to train, Mo – just come on Saturday for the game and we’ll see you there at Anfield or whatever.’ He doesn’t want that. He’s in the moment of his career but he knows there is a lot for him to come. He wants to learn and he wants to improve.”

During the Watford game, Salah could be seen chasing back towards his own half — one of his few attempts at adding something defensively to Liverpool’s cause, but Klopp believes that others such as Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane are also putting in a lot of effort so Salah can concentrate on the offensive.

“He does it. But sometimes he needs a little … [reminder],” Klopp said of Salah’s defensive skills. “A lot of my players need that. Don’t misunderstand me, it’s only a thing, it’s not exactly the same strength. If you talk about Roberto, he loves running in that direction and chasing the players. If I said to him ‘Stop it’, he couldn’t.”

“That’s why I took him off, because he will never rest. He runs all the time but then Mo didn’t stop as well tonight — in the other direction. He took each sprint like the 100-metre final in the Olympic Games. That’s what I mean: the team adapts to the strengths. Nobody is talking and saying, ‘Mo, but you have to …’ At the moment, nobody is saying anything to Salah other than “carry on”.

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