Pep Guardiola: Man City needs decade of dominance to catch up to Barca

Pep Guardiola believes Manchester City have to dominate for at least a decade to be considered at the level of FC Barcelona.

City host Basel in Wednesday’s Champions League last-16 second leg holding a 4-0 advantage, but despite their dominating performance throughout this season Guardiola is adamant they remain below the quality of FC Barcelona

“They have won a lot in the past. We are new — we’ve won one title [the League Cup] but it is not a [fair] comparison,” Guardiola said. “It is not good for us comparing [ourselves] with that Barcelona team.”

“That team dominated the last decade, 15 to 20 years with different managers, different players. We have just won the first title. To join this kind of team you have to be there a long time.”

Guardiola also said Martin Glenn did not understand what the yellow ribbon he wears represents when the Football Association chief executive compared it with the swastika and ISIS.

Glenn has since apologised and Guardiola said: “My first impression when I heard that was he didn’t understand exactly what the yellow ribbon means. He made a comment that was far away from what it means. Maybe now he will realise. It’s not about independence or no independence.”

“It’s about four people who are in jail [in Catalonia] when they didn’t do absolutely anything to be in jail for. I think with his comments he didn’t understand the reality of what happened right now with the situation but I’m pretty sure now he will know it.”

Having accepted an FA charge of “wearing a political message”, Guardiola added that he will stop wearing the ribbon.

“At the end there are rules,” the former Barca and Bayern Munich coach said. “They [FA] have them and they apply them, I accept the decision because I have to. I accept them but it doesn’t mean I agree with the decision. But I am here, I am working here and there are rules and I accept them.”

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