Mauricio Pochettino: Harry Kane amongst the world’s finest forwards

Mauricio Pochettino has claimed that Harry Kane is amongst the finest players in the world right now and, when making comparisons, whether there was a more lethal No9.

Pochettino said that does not consider either Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo — winner and runner-up to the FIFA Best player awards — to be pure centre-forwards.

“Harry is world-class,” Pochettino said. “Of course, Messi and Cristiano are different. Today — one striker in the world, a specific position — who is better than Harry?”

“It’s difficult to say he’s the best but he’s shown to everyone he’s one of the best. Both of his records are massive — to break the Premier League record set by Alan Shearer and then, if you see that over the last seven, eight or nine years, it’s always Messi and Cristiano and now, it’s Harry as well.”

While acknowledging another great milestone for Kane, Pochettino believed that the Englishman’s challenge now was to maintain his level and reproduce these numbers over a period of years.

“Becoming better may be a very small step of improvement but when you are at this level, you need to fight with all your determination to keep at this level,” the Argentinian added.

As for Kane, the player himself promised to take his team-mates for dinner to thank them for helping him to his latest landmarks.

“It was hard not to think about the records today and I’m very proud of them,” he said. “Messi and Ronaldo have dominated football for so long and they’re two of the greatest players ever so it’s an honour to even be compared to them.

“I’ll keep working harder. It’s about finding little per cents to get better and doing things on the training ground to make you better. How have I improved this year? I’d say physically, recovery from games, eating right and looking after my body. We have such a busy schedule but I feel sharp and I feel at my best. I’m getting more experience.”

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