Neymar cleared of tax evasion charges in Brazil

FC Barcelona forward Neymar has been cleared of tax evasion charges in his native Brazil according to a statement by his father.

The Brazilian International forward, who has been under investigation for alleged tax fraud since a few years ago, could well be cleared of all charges following a “termination of proceedings regarding the complaint on tax evasion”.

Neymar himself has already been fined €56.7 million last year for failing to report earnings from his contracts with Brazilian club Santos, Barcelona and his sponsors between 2011 and 2014.

However, Neymar Sr said on Tuesday that his son Neymar was cleared of any wrongdoings and his case has been “officially closed” following several appeal processes completed by a court.

“It is with great joy the we received the news of the termination of proceedings regarding the complaint on tax evasion directed by the Federal Public Ministry,” Neymar Sr said in a statement. “The proceeding is officially closed, thus it proves the lawfulness on every act we took.

“During four years of unfounded accusations me, my family and our employees suffered a lot and in every possible way. But albeit lots of people doubt, there’s justice in our country.”

“Accusation by accusation, one after the other, they were all defeated by our defence, leaving it clear that we did not evade not one penny in taxes. Now I hope we can focus only in our jobs, and that me and my family can have the peace we deserve.”

Nevertheless, there could be another major issue at hand for Neymar as Paris Saint-Germain is confident of a 90 per cent chance to sign the player. It was an unpopular thought in FC Barcelona, and although his teammate Gerard Pique posted a photo of the pair at the weekend on social media with the caption: “He stays,”, Pique admitted himself that he does not know for certain whether Neymar will remain at Barcelona.

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