Liverpool escapes punishment for illegal approach for Virgil van Dijk

Liverpool will not be given any punishment from FA against their illegal “tapping up” Southampton player Virgil van Dijk.

The Saints were incensed after reading that Van Dijk was interested in making a move to Liverpool, having been won over in part by the vision of Jurgen Klopp, the manager of the Merseyside club.

While insisting that Van Dijk is not for sale Southampton also made it very clear that they wanted to send out the message they would not be pushed around by a bigger club. This led to an apology from Liverpool, which served to calm the situation — particularly as they also promised to drop their interest in Van Dijk.

They had subsequent filed a formal complaint against Liverpool to the Premier League, arguing Van Dijk ought not to have been privy to any vision of Klopp’s as the Anfield club had not made an official approach for the player.

Southampton also believed that Liverpool had a hand on the newspaper stories while it was reported at the time Klopp had met Van Dijk in Blackpool to discuss the transfer.

Although indirect/direct approaches for players were typical for all clubs, Southampton felt that they needed to take a stand in this particular case since they considered Liverpool to have blatantly overstepped the mark.

While they looked at Southampton’s complaint and had additionally asked Liverpool for their version of events, Premier League officials did not launch a formal investigation.

It was also believed Southampton had incriminating evidence Liverpool, but they have not put it forward in the weeks that have followed the complaint, allowing all to conclude that the clubs have resolved their differences and the matter can be left to lie.

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