Celtic suffers shock defeat in Champions League qualifiers

Champions League qualifiers, second round


Lincoln Red Imps 1 – 0 Celtic

Lincoln Red Imps leads 1-0 on aggregate.

Celtic suffered a shocking defeat at the hands of Gibraltarian part-timers Lincoln Red Imps in the second round of Champions League qualifiers.

After a goalless first half, Scottish Premiership team was stunned as Lee Casciaro scored the only goal in the game.

Celtic striker Leigh Griffiths hits the woodwork twice, but otherwise Celtic made no significant chances for Celtic to pull level.

This defeat will likely be remembered as the club’s worst performance in its own history.

The Red Imps more than punched above their weight for a team that fields a fireman, a policeman and a taxi driver; all of them went into the game after completing shifts at their day jobs.

Celtic’s new manager Brendan Rodgers claimed that there was “no embarrassment” after the game.

“We dominated and created enough chances to score,” Rodgers said. “Sometimes it can happen, obviously with the pitch, an awkward bounce and all of a sudden the player is in, it’s into the floor and goes in.”

On the other hand, the opposing team captain Roy Chipolina stood behind his comments earlier in the week when he said victory over Celtic would be the biggest shock in European football.

“I think so, when you look at the history of both clubs,” he said. “Nothing has changed, Celtic are still a massive club and they are still favourites in the tie, but I don’t think anyone expected us to be going over to Glasgow with a 1-0 lead.”

“We will be going there more confident than we thought, trying to put the same shift in again and, if miracles can happen again, we will knock Celtic out of the Champions League.”


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