Virtus.Pro admits to cheating in Summit qualifiers

Virtus.Pro admits to cheating in Summit qualifiers

Virtus.Pro will not be participating in The Summit 5 after admitting to cheating in the qualifiers.

Ad Finem is set to take their place in the finals.

Virtus.Pro was charged guilty for using a stand-in who disguised himself as a member of during the finals of the tournament’s European qualifier.

The player they fielded was Vega Squadron’s Vladimir “No[o]one” Minenko, playing the fourth game of the series on behalf of Ilya “ALOHADANCE” Korobkin. ALOHADANCE then rejoined in game five and managed to win the qualifier finals and a place the tournament’s LAN finals in Los Angeles.

During the match on 29 May, an interruption occurred during the third game for more than 15 minutes in which ALOHADANCE lost his internet connection. VP asked for two more after ten, stating that ALOHADANCE went out to play in an internet café and was waiting having requested a code to enter the game (presumably the Steam authentication code).

But after 20 minutes wait Aloha didn’t come back and the game resumed. Predictably, the Greeks took the game and the lead in the best-of five series with a 2-1 score

Then on game four, Virtus.Pro claimed that Aloha’s internet is back and they could play normally, and even ALOHADANCE himself tweeted “now my internet works.” Using a Juggernaut as carry, they won game 4 and levelled the series, dragging it into a deciding game 5.

A thread on the Dota 2 subreddit immediately brought attention to the fact that the placement of certain items did not match up to ALOHADANCE’s standard item placements – specifically, the slot for the Teleport scroll, which carries a strong hint of different key bindings.

Upon further examination, it matched up perfectly with those of No[o]ne’s.

Beyond the Summit’s formal investigation then concluded that there was indeed a wrongfully substituted account during the fourth game of the series. The organizer then rescinded Virtus.Pro’s participation at the event. That vacancy will now be filled by Ad Finem.

Both and No[o]ne have since admitted to wrongdoing.

Artsiom “fng” Barshack, captain of’s Dota 2 team released a statement on Twitter, saying, “I made a mistake and I regret that. I want to say sorry to our fans, BTS, KotlGuy, AD finem boys, and every single person who [is] disappointed in me.”

Time has not been kind to Virtus.Pro, who was at one point regarded as the best Dota 2 team in the Eastern Europe region. Since March, a new lineup of players struggled to achieve the same level of consistency of older lineuos.

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