Flipsid3 tactics returns to Dota 2 with !Rebels lineup

Flipsid3 tactics returns to Dota 2 with !Rebels lineup

After a brief hiatus, Flipsid3 tactics had decided that it was the right time and hasa announced their return into Dota 2 with a !Rebels lineup.

The team had ventured into Dota 2 since 2013 but it had not gone well for them throughout the years; the teams split up or went on hiatuses from time to time, depending on their fortunes.

This is their latest attempt to get into the MOBA, signing on Russian team !Rebels, a team formed by Ivan ‘VANSKOR’ Skorohod after he was kicked out of Avengers!.

The team consists of:

  • Ivan ‘VANSKOR’ Skorohod
  • Vadim ‘Sedoy’ Musorin
  • Oleg ‘tmw’ Kolesnichenko
  • Maksim ‘Shachlo’ Abramovskikh
  • Daniil ‘MeTTpuM’ Gilev

Since day one, the team had to struggle numerous deadlines. A day after they formed, they had only two days left to fix their roster – the roster lock for the Manila Major and TI6 were waiting.

But they have gone on a winning streak since then.

The !Rebels team won every single lower tier tournaments they’ve participated in, NXTGAME Invitational#2, ProDota Cup Europe#5, NVIDIA Dota 2 CIS Cup Series, Solid Dota2 Challenge and won the Manila Major European open qualifiers#2.

But they have yet to make it to the big time, missing the mark by 4 points and only managed to place 5th/10th in the regional qualifiers, and will be forced sit out the last Major before The International 6.

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