Dignitas and Astralis swap players; Shahzam joins Echo Fox

Dignitas and Astralis swap players; Shahzam joins Echo Fox

Budding Counter Strike: Global Offensive talent Marcus “Kjaerbye” Kjærbye has joined up with Astralis, while Rene “Cajunb” Borg is headed the other way to Team Dignitas.

Cajunb had been a long-standing member of the Astralis lineup, extending back to before they began their own organization. He had been a key player during their rise to challenge the world’s best, and their achievements include multiple semi-final finishes at Major tournaments.

On the other hand, though he is only 18 and had little experience in the big stages, Kjaerbye has been nothing less than outstanding for Dignitas. Needless to say, he is exactly what Astralis needs especially after their poor run of form in recent months.

Most recently, the youngster had helped Dignitas to make it to the ESL One Cologne Major qualifier. However, this also prevents him from featuring for Astralis in the tournament, and the team has already stated that they will be looking for a stand-in for the event.

Cajunb would be unavailable for the stand-in spot given that he will be helping Dignitas in the Major qualifiers. Meanwhile, Kjaerbye is eligible for other tournaments, including the Esports Championship Series (ECS) and the upcoming ELEAGUE.

So far, both Danish teams had reacted positively to the roster change. After all, Astralis had added to their ranks a young, motivated and explosive player who has proved that he can compete with the best in the scene, while Dignitas welcomes the return of a familiar friend who fought alongside them for a whole year.

echo fox 2

echo fox

On the other side of the pool, Echo Fox replaces departing AWPer Mohamad “m0E” Assad, with former OpTic Gaming and Cloud9 player Shahzeeb “Shahzam” Khan.

Shahzam had been playing alongside the North American team for some time but had only confirmed his place in the team yesterday. Previously, moE had left Echo Fox without a dedicated AWP player as he departed in response to heavy criticism directed towards his performance.

Now that he is formally added in to the ranks of the team, Shahzam will join up with Sean “sgares” Gares once more since Shahzam’s departure from Cloud9. His first match as an official Echo Fox starter will come against Team Liquid in the ECS tomorrow, while the team is still awaiting their ELEAGUE group placement.

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