Luminosity Gaming wins yet another major CS:GO trophy

Luminosity Gaming wins yet another major

Luminosity Gaming appears to be taking over Fnatic’s dominance over the Counter Strike: Global Offensive scene, as the Brazilians defeated France’s G2 eSports by 3-2 in a hotly contested grand finale at the ESL Pro League Season 3.

There were already signs of a dogfight even in the map pick session as both teams sought to remove maps they are uncomfortable with: de_cache vetoed off by Luminosity, while G2 cut out de_mirage.

With both teams comfortable with the maps they will play in, the best of 5 began and the match kicked off in the O2 Arena, London with a bang.

Luminosity had only lost once this year on this map, but this time G2 started with a 3-1 lead up until Luminosity stabilized their economy. LG then managed a five round streak, but Richard “shox” Papillon showed signs of his old-time “god form” as he racked up 30 kills in 26 rounds of play, earning his team the score of 16-10.

But the Brazillians rallied back to 7-1 in the next map, de_train. Even with dil “ScreaM” Benrlitom got a couple of rounds for G2 thanks to his impeccable play, the overall score was still 11-4 in favor of LG. It turned into a brawl as G2 tried to retake control of the game after the break; in the end, the Brazilians prevailed with a 16-13 scoreline. 1-1.

Both teams got toe-to-toe on the third map, de_cobblestone. It went 8-7 to LG before the break, but G2 came back to make it 10-8 before Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo rallied to make it 10-10. And then, seemingly gaining momentum out of nowhere G2 took the next six rounds without a reply from LG. 2-1.

Fortune seemed to begin to favour G2 as they took a healthy 9-6 lead in the third map in de_dust 2, with ScreaM getting a one-tap screamer. Luminosity, livid, rallied after the break, locking down bomb sites, pushing while holding on to a healthy economy. Shox’s insane 1v4 clutch did not even seem to face them as they pushed the French team back to win the set 16-11.

2-2, and both teams get into the crucial final around in de_inferno.

The Brazillians kept it together even as G2 hit match-point at 15-14, and won all three rounds and set themselves up to only need one round of three on T side.

Luminosity’s first round looked very promising putting themselves into a four versus one against shox. Unexpectedly, Shox went aggressive, going for another clutch again on FalleN and finished off the other three lit players and kept his team alive.

But that seems to exhaust all the magic G2 can conjure, and Luminosity won the next round and the ESL Pro League Season Three Finals proving once against that right now, they are the best team in the world.

And with that, Luminosity Gaming wins $200,000 in prize money for getting their first-ever ESL CS:GO Pro League title, while G2 earn $90,000 for being runners-up. This was also Luminosity Gaming’s third triumph this year after victories at Dreamhack Austin and MLG Columbus.

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