Tom Brady $ 200 89-resep masak terjual habis


It is most remarkable that the $ 200 price tag is a fan of Tom Brady can prevent even the slightest because they are all surrounded by the bookstore to get their hands on the new recipe book NFL Star.

89-recipe tome, snappily titled Nutrition Manual TB12 described in the official website of the New England Patriots quarterback as printed on 100-pound text paper with a cover made from natural wood which include laser etching.

It describes the culinary victim as a "limited edition 'living document' which contains information about the nutritional philosophy TB12 our core and featuring a library of 89 seasonally inspired recipes that you can use to support a nutrition plan TB12-block you."

Many in the spirit of commercialism as well, the description on the site also added, "Please also note that we regularly update this guide with new recipes or changed, we will send an additional page for all the buyers manual."

Basically, anyone who buys it will receive an extra page with a new recipe or modified until Brady ran culinary ideas.

Brady himself also posted a picture of a book on his Facebook page, calling it "another step to reach your peak performance." But all the copies of the final sale. "Please note that due to unique content and binding, all sales Manual Nutrition sales TB12 end - user can not be returned or exchanged."

This book proved to be a big hit because it had run out of stock, and copies will only be available after a month or more. But it was not even the most expensive books written by members of his family. His wife Gisele Bundchen has written a $ 700 coffee table book last November, which sold out as well.

Either way, Brady will have plenty of time to enhance the skills and might come up with a cookbook secondly, because he will miss the first four games of next NFL season after his Deflategate ban upheld last month.

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