Djokovic less concerned about tennis doping than Murray

Djokovic less concerned about tennis doping than Murray

Novak Djokovic had revealed that he was not as concerned as fellow tennis ace Andy Murray on tennis drug issues.

He was speaking at the prestigious event of the Laureus sports awards. The Serb was crowned sportsman of the year there for his dominating performance that won him three grand slams last year, and the Serb had added that the world number two did not mean anything personal.

“As long as we don’t have proof that the game isn’t clean, then it is clean,” 28- year-old Djokovic claimed.

“I’ve read what he said, I have a great relationship with Andy, I’ve spoken to him and he didn’t mean specific individuals.”

“It’s tricky for tennis, there are many stories that go round [with] betting, doping, and it seems the weight has come down on tennis.”

Murray, who was recently defeated by Rafael Nadal in the Monte Carlo Masters, has been outspoken on drug use in tennis and welcomed the ban imposed on Maria Sharapova following her failed drug test. He had also discussed suspicion about opponents who do not seem to tire in matches.

But Djokovic’s coach Boris Becker was more critical on Murray’s comments suspicions that some of his opponents may have used performance-enhancing drugs.

The six-time major singles champion accused that Murray was “out of order” with his comments, but was also adamant that the top players of tennis were not guilty either.

“We have random drug-testing and unless it’s proven, they are 100% innocent,” Becker said, echoing his student at Laureus. “So to assume something because somebody has won a grand slam or is fitter is totally out of order.”

“Andy is one of the fittest players on the tour – he often outlasts players and nobody is questioning his ethics. I believe 100% Andy is clean. Roger (Federer) is clean, Rafa (Nadal) is clean, all these guys are clean. Novak gets tested a lot. That can mean twice in a grand slam.”

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