Luis Enrique remain confident on Barca title chances

Luis Enrique remain confident on Barca title chances

It does not matter to Barcelona boss Luis Enrique that the team has been experiencing one of their worst winless runs in near history – the Spaniard boss remains confident that they can retain the La Liga title.

Barca took just 3 weeks since their defeat at the hands of Real Madrid to drop from “treble” to “troubled” as they were left with just one point above their eternal rivals. A team that seemed unbeatable throughout the season then lost to lesser teams such as Real Sociedad and Valencia.

To add insult to injury, their Champions League defense had also been ended by Atletico Madrid, who is also level on points with the Catalonians in the La Liga. Their position in the La Liga is second only due to Barca’s stronger head-to-head record.

But Enrique stayed positive before an away trip to Deportivo La Coruna mid-week, and after which they would only have just four games left in the title race.

“I’m convinced we’re going to win the league, if I wasn’t I wouldn’t be sat here,” he said. “I like adversity, that’s how I am. I want to turn this around, win tomorrow and put on a show. I want to delight the fans who are behind us and can’t explain this situation.”

Still, Enrique did not provide a reason to their dramatic loss of form, as Barca went from 39 games unbeaten to a four-game losing streak. He was also unapologetic about deriding a journalist after the defeat against Valencia.

He was asked if the team’s slump in form could be attributed to problems with the players’ physical preparation, and the former Celta boss immediately fired back with a question of his own, “What’s your surname?”

Slightly puzzled, the Diario Gol journalist replied “Malo”, to which Lucho sardonically stated “Correct, next question”.

‘Malo’ of course means bad in Spanish.

“I have nothing to apologise for. I didn’t show anyone a lack of respect,” he said. “Journalists have also shown me a lack of respect. This is my style, I don’t care if you don’t like it.”

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