Holland-France game will halt in Johan Cruyff

Holland-France game will halt in Johan Cruyff

The Netherlands’ friendly match against France will be halted at 14 minutes after play for a minute to remember the life of European football great, Johan Cruyff.

“On Friday, the Dutch national team will face France in Amsterdam. Because of the great contribution of Johan Cruyff to national and international football in the 14th minute, the match will be shut down for a minute’s silence,” the Dutch FA’s website announced.

The reason for Cruyff’s legacy to be remembered in the number 14 was that it was both his number for club and country. He scored 33 goals in 48 appearances for Holland between 1966 and 1977 including in the World Cup against Brazil.

He was also famous for inventing the “The Cruyff turn”. He faced Sweden defender Jan Olsson and experienced a moment that of football brilliance that was combined with instinct, quick thinking, athleticism and natural ability.

Dragging the ball behind his standing leg with the inside of his foot, Cruyff feinted one way and twisted to the other. Bamboozled, then 32-year-old Olsson stumbled backwards and was left staring into space.

He was also arguably the man who would made Barcelona into the great team today, a pioneer who had embellishing his game with purist principles he espoused from the dug-out, which transcended everything else.

“Playing football is very simple, but playing simple football is the hardest thing there is,” Cruyff told his players in one early message.

After playing for the Spanish giants from 1973 to 1978, he returned to Barcelona as coach in 1988, transforming twice a club that had lost its way and giving them a sense of identity that also makes him the founding father of the modern-day club.

“Cruyff painted the chapel, and Barcelona coaches since merely restore and improve it,” said Pep Guardiola, a known prodigy of the first European football star.

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