England survives Wales comeback to begin Grand Slam dream

England survives Wales comeback to begin Grand Slam dream

England takes 25 points against Wales’ 21 to plant their feet solidly into first place of the Six Nations’ table, even as the Welsh clearly threatened to repeat England’s World Cup tragedy at Twickenham last year.

After two successive tries within four minutes, Wales threatened to get past England once again at the last fifteen seconds. George North was racing on for another try before being pushed into touch by Manu Tuilagi.

Wales would remain arguing against the decision of the touch judge. But if the play at 20 metres from England’s line had continued, it would well have not been a victory for England.

Though the match itself began with much anticipation and tense build-up, Wales were virtually absent during the first-half. Ironically, England would only have they own to rue about as they should have scored two tries in the opening 14 minutes.

Wales would miss tackles and blunder through and could not display a single redeeming quality that elevates their game above England. Still, they managed to score three tries and were within earshot of making England rue their day once more.

Still, England was convincing enough as they stole two of three Welsh free throws. Maro Itoje led the Roses’ charge as he crashed through tackles, made 14 himself, beats two defenders, made a clean break, a turnover and secures all four thrown to him.

He is one of the reason England supporters would be hopeful of a grand slam as they progresses to the decider against France. Eddie Jones, England’s coach would build on those hopes too.

“The Grand Slam is on, isn’t it?” Jones said smilingly after the game. “All we need to do is prepare well. We prepare well, we play well, we win the game.

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