Team Secret lifts Dota 2 Shanghai Major trophy

Team Secret lifts Dota 2 Shanghai Major trophy

It was European dominance in another major eSports tournament as Team Secret defeated Team Liquid 3-1 in their first Dota 2 major win, highlighting the team’s dominance in professional Dota 2 circuits since half a year ago.

Starting relatively slow, Team Secret managed to take little bites into Liquid’s game as Secret captain Clement “Puppey” Ivanov playing a key role in the pick/ban stage. Before 20 minutes they were 6-0 up, and finished by 24-9 with a Tidehunter available for their brawls.

In the second game Liquid immediately equalized with a blitz comeback, already coming 5-1 at 11 minutes and making it a matter of attrition. But they made a mistake by trying a Tiny/Io combo in game 3, which allowed Secret to go agro early on.

Then, Liquid extended their picking problems to the fourth game by choosing a similar comp as the first game. it would be another exhibition of the problems they had then, as Secret prevented the carrying Chronosphere from multi-hero kills. A disappointing end to what could have been a better final.

Since their surprise loss to OG in Frankfurt, there were doubts about Secret’s performance after the team reformed in August after the International 5.

Those fears would be placed to rest in China, as they took down teams the likes of Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid, twice for the case of the latter. What is more, their sweet reprisal against OG would lampshade fears as they came second in their group to a surprising MVP Phoenix team.

They started relatively as a relatively humble team, too. Evil Geniuses were the team to beat after a streak of finals appearances while Chinese based EHOME dominated the local arena since the end of last year. Secret were far from being anyone’s favourites.

It was an all-European final as both teams fought well in a tournament marred by delays and scandals, including the dismissal of a commentator virtually mid-broadcast as well as a missing keyboard. Tournament sponsors Valve had since apologized on the Dota 2 official blog.

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