Curry and Warriors set NBA record for fastest 50th win

Curry and Warriors set NBA record for fastest 50th win

The Golden State Warriors would add another feather to their hat as they set history for becoming the fastest team to get 50 wins in one NBA season as they defeat the Atlanta Hawks by 102 to 92.

Even in a night that Stephen Curry did not look to be in his best, the basketball aces still managed to score 36 points and 8 assists.

The Warriors appeared headed for a rout against the struggling Hawks, pushing out to a 23-point lead approaching the midway point of the third quarter.

But Atlanta managed to cut the gap with a 28-6 run and grabbed a one-point lead briefly early in the fourth, igniting the sellout crowd in the Philips Arena. However, Warriors merely showed a routine performance that shows why they were the best to pull away and finish the job.

The Western Conference team broke the record set by Chicago Bulls during the 1995-1996 season, which saw the Michael Jordan-led team reached 50 victories in 56 games. The Warriors achieved the same feat with one game less.

The team will now be chasing a second Bulls record in that same season – the only team who finished 72-10 and win over 70 games in a game year.

But as their ace Steph Curry puts it, “Fifty wins is great but we’ve got to keep plugging away and staying hungry, because nobody wants to talk about that in June.” – It’s obvious to anyone that Curry and co hunger for their 73rd.

And should they keep playing the way they are playing this season, it will not be an unreachable dream for the defending champions.

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