West Indies under-19 wins with unsporting Mankad move

West Indies under-19 wins with unsporting Mankad move

West Indies under-19 were widely condemned for their disgraceful behavior, having used a ‘Mankad’ to secure victory with a run-out over Zimbabwe and book their place in the under-19 World Cup quarter finals.

With Zimbabwe needing just three runs in the 50th to win, West Indies seamer Keemo Paul removed the bails at the bowler’s end with Richard Ngarava’s just on the ground. As such, they took a two-run defeat that denied them entry into the quarter finals.

This form of dismissal was dubbed ‘Mankad’ when eponymous India bowler Vinoo Mankad ran out Australia batsman Bill Brown in the Sydney Cricket Ground. Although the move was first made in 1947, the move remains within the legal confines of cricket.

The practice is rare and widely seen as unsporting, and traditionally a bowler warns a batsman if he is leaving his crease too early, but Paul gave Ngarava no warning even though the batsman did not appear to be seeking an advantage.

Onfield umpires conferred before asking West Indies players whether they wanted to uphold the appeal against a decision which was within the rules of the game.

Once West Indies players confirmed they wanted to go ahead with the appeal, the television umpire was consulted and Ngarava’s bat was found to be just on the line.

Though clearly let down by the outcome, Zimbabwe coach Stephen Mangongo conveyed his pride with his team, praising the way the players fought in the match.

“I am disappointed with the way the game ended. I have debriefed the boys in the dressing room and they were all crying,” he said.

“We have explained that technically the run-out is legal. We left it to the last man and we should not have done that. It was a hard lesson and they have learnt it the hard way.”

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