Bundesliga winter break too much for Guardiola

Bundesliga winter break too much for Guardiola

Bayern Munich boss Pep Guardiola thirsts for action, admitting that “it’s boring going so long without playing” as a result of the Bundesliga winter break.

The German top league had been in intermission since December 20, and only resumed on the January 22 – slightly more than a month later.

Bayern Munich begin the second half of their Bundesliga campaign eight points clear of second-placed Borussia Dortmund.

They will travel north to face Hamburg who they beat 5-0 in the opening matches.

‘I’m happy that the first competitive fixture is finally upon us,’ he told the club’s official website.

‘It’s boring going so long without playing.’

As such, Guardiola’s keen interest to get work in England would be enforced by the fact that the Premier League has no breaks.

In fact, the League has a busier schedule, with back to back games during the Christmas season.

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