Miranda impressed by balanced Serie A standards

Miranda impressed by balanced Serie A standards

Brazilian defender Miranda says that he was impressed by the standard of play in the Serie A.

He signed on to Inter Milan from Atletico Madrid in the summer and after playing for half a season, believes that the Italian league is better balanced than La Liga.

“Serie A really surprised me because it’s so competitive.”

“There are many teams considered to be small which fight it out on equal terms with the big ones,” Miranda said.

“In the Liga, the big teams are definitely the favourites, while I consider Serie A to be much better balanced.”

Miranda has also confirmed that Inter’s objective remains to return to the Champions League, but wants to claim a bigger prize come the end of the season.

“For 2016 I want a lot of energy, and I want to conquer titles with Inter,” he added.

“I chose Inter because I really believed in the team.”

“Now we want to fight for the Scudetto. We have a strong and united group that is focused on winning. I hope I can make my dream come true: becoming champion with Inter.”

“Inter are a great team and they showed me a really strong project, as evidenced by the fact that we’re currently first in Serie A. Our objective is to qualify for the next Champions League.”

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