Former NBA Star purchases LOL team

Former NBA player will rebrand Gravity Gaming as Echo Fox.

Former NBA player will rebrand Gravity Gaming as Echo Fox.

It was a testament to the growth of eSports when even traditional jocks wants to participate.

Former NBA player Rick Fox, has bought Gravity Gaming for an undisclosed fee.

Fox, who played for the Lakers and won 3 titles, said that eSports was is on the verge of “something massive”, and he wants to join in the fun before it gets too difficult.

He was not a complete stranger to the eSports arena either. He had previously partnered with Twin Galaxies and contributed to fundraisers for competitive gaming.

Gravity Gaming was one of the surprise success and finished fourth in the regular season after entering the season without much hype as a contender.

However, the team did not manage to qualify for the 2015 League of Legends (LOL) World Championship and most players left after that. This means that Fox would need to rebuild the team from ground-up.

Nonetheless, this proves that eSports continues to grow and attract the interest of everyone. The faith Fox shown in buying out a broken team symbolizes that now, even conventional professional sports players are willing to take a slice off the eSports cake.

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