Team Liquid victory at The Defense Season 5


Team OG went in to finals of The Defense Season 5 looking strong, but stop short of winning after Team Liquid defeated them by 3-1.

OG appeared to be the more formidable team before the fixture, having just won the Frankfurt Major and DreamLeague Season 4.

However, things went Team Liquid’s way when FATA- was given his signature Razor and a Kuroky support Silencer helped the team dominate.

OG got a weak total of three kills in the stomp to start.

But typical OG magic evened things out in Game 2 as the team got a laundry list of their comfort heroes — Miracle- got Shadow Fiend, N0tail got Phantom Lancer, Cr1t got Rubick and Fly secured Bane.

The OG cores went to town and Team Liquid dropped their only game of the series.

However, as OG made the exact same picks in Game 3 Team Liquid went creative.

Team Liquid got creative, picking up Legion Commander for FATA- as well as a Tiny/Io combo.

MATUMBAMAN’s Tiny did typical Tiny things and went 12/1/11, becoming an unstoppable force in the game.

MATUMBAMAN was the star of the show again in Game 4, using Ursa to destroy any hopes for a third consecutive championship. His phenomenal Abyssal Blade timing essentially mopped the floor with OG, at the score of 28/3/9.

OG’s consolation was that their pain barely lasted over 39 minutes.

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