Lazio issues press release regarding player’s finger


Senad Lulic had a finger cut off during training.

Lazio revealed details of the horrific injury Senad Lulic sustained, as he underwent surgery to reconstruct one of his fingers.

The Serie A club revealed that the player “suffered the traumatic sub-amputation of the distal phalanx and fracture of the fourth finger, plus fracture of the intermediary phalanx of the third finger.”

In a nutshell, the top of his ring-finger was chopped-off.

It is still not clear how the incident occurred, but he was rushed to a clinic following an accident in the gym during training session.

This was surely a bizarre case of professional sportsman injury, all the more since footballers are only prone to injury from the waist-down.

Lulic went into the Mater Dei clinic and underwent surgery to reconstruct his finger.

The player will remain in the clinic for two to three days in order to monitor the situation.

His availability is doubtful with such a traumatic injury that would normally assume rest until after Christmas.

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