Team Secret tops Dota 2 Rankings


Team Secret has now exceeded Evil Geniuses (EG) in both strength and success.

After holding the pole position for a few months and winning TI-5, EG had been struggling which in turn allowed Team Secret to climb to the top albeit by a small margin.

Under a new formula, each team will have statistics of their five best member counted as the “strength” of the team.

This helps a team even if their strongest members were not necessarily playing together in tournaments and differs from World rankings in which team success was emphasized.

As such, OG manages to climb up to rank 7, slightly ahead of Team Liquid and perhaps give Team Secret a slight run for their money.

Meanwhile, TI-4 champion had fallen behind to rank 19, while things were worse for long-time superb team Natus Vincere.

With only two players left, the Ukrainian team had drop in strength scoring. This month they even fell behind newly signed Stark Esports to rank 32.

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