Dreamhack: CSGO tournament gets physical


Police were called to Dreamhack Winter this weekend after a fight broke out between a professional eSports player and a journalist.

Richard Lewis, a journalist and commentator for Breitbart, and eSports player Jonathan “Loda” Berg came to blows during Dreamhack, billed as the world’s largest LAN party.

The dispute began over a Twitter feud.

The “sign” in question reputedly belonged to Berg’s girlfriend.


Since then, Dreamhack had offered further updates.

“We can confirm that an incident did occur between both parties,” writes DreamHack’s Michael Van Driel “and that at Loda’s request we contacted the police so an official report could be filed.”

“We had two staff members who witnessed the altercation between Richard Lewis and Jonathan Berg.”

“Lewis and Kelly Milkies [Ong Xiao Wei] had been in an argument, Kelly had left the scene extremely upset and our staff were explaining to Richard Lewis how these types of yelling matches are not appropriate behaviour for our events.”

“At this time then Jonathan Berg aggressively approached Richard Lewis and the two began to yell at one another, until Richard grabbed Jonathan’s neck and began to strangle it, and then our staff intervened to end the physical confrontation.”

Van Driel states that DreamHack’s response was “to separate both individuals and do a full investigation of what occurred and involve both DreamHack security crew, and police.”

“After long discussions and considerations of a lot of different options, our response for the event was going to be that both parties would be asked to leave the event, however both Jonathan and Richard were able to speak to one another and shake hands, in which case it was decided against removing both parties for the time being.”


Dreamhack is putting a ban on Richard Lewis (Right) while Jonathan Berg is still welcomed to DH events in the future.

Nonetheless, DreamHack will not be working with Richard Lewis again.

“Moving forward DreamHack’s very quickly reached the conclusion that we will no longer be hiring or working with Richard Lewis indefinitely,” Van Driel writes.

“We cannot condone violent behaviour at our events. Jonathan will be welcome at all events in the future, however we would like to reiterate that aggressive behaviour is not acceptable.”

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