Steam steps up CS GO item trade security


Trading items in CS GO will be safer.

Steam will be introducing Trade Holds on December 9th, a new trade feature that will enforce further protection on CSGO item trade.

With the new system, Steam will hold on to your items for up to three days to give you time to review the transaction should you be unable to use Mobile Authenticator.

However, trading parties can still speed things along; trades will complete immediately if both parties confirm the transaction on the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator.

Users can also abort all outstanding trades on hold and prevent new unwanted trades in their account for as long as one week.

So users should ensure they have Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator to all of their accounts by December 2nd for instant trade confirmations.

And as a limited time bonus, from now until December 16th if Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator is enabled for any account, the user will receive at least a 5% discount on Market purchases!

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