Sean Gares leaves Cloud9 CS GO starting lineup


Sean’s departure was announced on Cloud9’s official website with a tribute video.

Sean ‘sgares’ Gares will be leaving Cloud9’s starting lineup for CS:GO tournaments.

The announcement was made at Cloud9’s official website with began with “As a rule of thumb, change is constant and evolution is unstoppable.”

“The highs and lows of this lineup, to date, have all been endured by Sean,” it added. “The tremendous amount of effort he has put into bettering the in-game arsenal that the team has allocated through the past two years has been invaluable.”

“Furthermore, Sean’s character out of game has been one that could be described as a hallmark within the community.”

As an American CS:GO professional player, Sean had 14 seasons of ESEA Invite under his belt.

He has led numerous line-ups to playoff berths at the top level of North American Counter-Strike and won his first ESEA Invite championship with B2B Gaming while teamed up with swag, n0thing, and Semphis.

Sean said that his time with Cloud9 “brought countless memories and experiences” that he will “cherish for a lifetime.”

He also conveys his gratitude to his teammates, fans and managing staff as well as wishing the best for the team regardless of who takes his spot.

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