CSGO betting advice: RGN Pro – North America Series








medium risk – high bet recommended


Surely Method did surprisingly well during the first phase of the RGN Finals, and we have to say that they looked way better on Lan compared to their usual online performances.

However, facing Liquid is going to be a completely different story. Especially compared to most of the teams they messed with in the Group stage.

It is highly doubtful that Hiko and friends losing this Bo3, and there is actually quite good chances of watching just a plain 2-0.

We’ll probably watch maps such as de_mirage, de_inferno and de_overpass. If the veto goes this way, Liquid should be better on all of them, and the only map where we may watch a close game will be Mirage.

Betting odds are obviously severely skewed in favor of Liquid, and when we talk about these kinds of values, we highly suggest evaluating a skip due to the extremely low profitability. But if you really want to bet, then the way to go is Liquid.

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