Jason Pierre-Paul: we will get Tom Brady


Jason Pierre-Paul believes

New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul is feeling good, talking about ditching the heavy club wrap he wore on his right hand last week and talking big about his chances to sack Tom Brady on Sunday.

“They’re undefeated, but they have to come through here,” Pierre-Paul said Wednesday, referring to Brady and the Patriots. “We’ll get to the quarterback. I’m sure of it. I know I will.”

Pierre-Paul hasn’t held back much since returning to the Giants following a July fireworks accident that damaged his hand.

The Giants host the New England Patriots on Sunday and Pierre-Paul is confident that it’ll be a good day for Big Blue’s defense.

He told reporters, “We’re going to get to the quarterback, I know I am.”

Big Blue has had success against the Patriots and boast two Super Bowl rings to show for it. The Giants used their stout defensive line and tenacious pass rush to defeat New England in both of their Super Bowl meetings in 2007 and 2011. Pierre-Paul was a major part of the Giants’ 2011 Lombardi Trophy.

Although Pierre-Paul acknowledged that he will have a different cast of characters along the D-line when he faces Tom Brady on Sunday.

“Yeah, it’s a different group. It was me, (Justin) Tuck, Osi (Umenyiora), those are pass rushers,” Pierre-Paul added.

The Giants (5-4) are currently sitting on top of the NFC East. But it might not be the best decision to give Brady and company a little extra bulletin board material. We know Bill Belichick and Brady haven’t forgotten about those two Super Bowl losses. Perhaps they now have a little extra motivation.

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