CSGO ESL ESEA Pro League: Liquid vs Conquest (Result)



It will be one of the most interesting match-up, though one we’ve already enjoyed several times over the past few weeks.

However, unlike the past games where we watched Conquest take the upper hand, most had doubts about Shahzam and friends, since the map is de_cache.

This is one of their usual vetoes, and overall they played it only a handful of times, always offering very mixed and not so convincing results.

On the other hand while Liquid surely dropped the ball a bit in recent weeks, and they are no longer the tank they were a couple of months ago, they tend to remain consistent in their performance at de_cache.

Here they’ve always provided quite good shows, even against EU teams, so our confidence in them was proved right.

Man of the match also went to Liquid’s Jonathan ‘EliGE’ Jablonowski, with his rating up 0.06 to 1.05 and a kill rate of 0.75.

In the end, Liquid won by 8:7, 8:1.

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