Saturday, October 24

West Ham 2

Chelsea 1

Stoke City 0

Watford 2

Lecicester City 1

Crystal Palace 0

Norwich City 0

West Brom 1

Arsenal 2

Everton 1

Aston Villa 1

Swansea City 0

Sunday, October 25

Man. Utd. 0

Man. City. 0

Sunderland 3

Newcastle 0

Liverpool 1

Southampton 1

Bournemouth 1

Tottenham 5

Week 10 Review

The Good: A Comfortably Slumping Chelsea

Now that they lost yet again to West Ham, Chelsea almost seems comfortable that they are currently 15th in the premier league with 10 games gone. It was their fifth loss of the season and the champions won’t be having relief next week where they will face off against Liverpool. Additionally, the Blues will face an automatic FA fine after receiving seven yellow cards during the loss to the Hammers.

It just goes to show how much the team is almost in shambles too. Matic was sent off after being booked twice in nine minutes before the break, and Mourinho joined him after speaking to referee Jon Moss at half-time. The manager was seen at the stands among West Ham fans (see pic. Below) before disappearing entirely.

He will also face further punishment from the FA after failing to fulfil his post-match media requirements, when he had barely survived several other FA hearings. The wall is closing in around the not-quite Special One, and if Liverpool beats Chelsea next week Klopp would essentially be sending Mourinho packing. Twice.

Either way, it is pure entertainment watching their failing title defense.


Jose Mourinho will face a tonne of pressure as Chelsea faces Liverpool in the next Premier League fixture.

The Bad: An Extremely Volatile Liverpool

Two Premier League draws were the result that Jurgen Klopp got for Liverpool since he took charge. While the team playing at home in their last game against Southampton appears to be winning initially, their spirits was abruptly broken late in the game when The Saints scored an equalizer as Mane bundled in when Gaston Ramirez’s header across goal was palmed by keeper Simon Mignolet into the body of the forward.

But the problem was that Liverpool’s confidence appears all too easy to shatter. Klopp agrees, saying that Liverpool needed to “calm down” and collectively shake off the fear which threatens to consume his side each time the team faces a disadvantage.

“It’s only a goal, only a game of football. It’s like it’s the last thing in your life and we have to calm this down,” said 48-year-old Klopp.”I don’t understand this pressure but the guys feel it. I hope I’m not the only person in the stadium who thought ‘this is not the end of the world’. We can work on this.”


Klopp has his work cut out as he needs to strengthen his team’s mettle.

The Maybe: That Boring Manchester Derby

Van Gaal mentioned much earlier on that Manchester United needs to beat City if they want the League Title. Can we assume that given since the result was a draw uncertainty remains and some Premier League drama can still be expected?


Manchester United needed a win but they got a draw. Heh

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